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Our point of difference is simple; not only do we take care of your property, but we take an active interest in helping you maximise its potential.


About Us

When you choose Quinovic Lambton Quay, you put your hands in a dedicated and experienced team. We can assist with all properties in the Wellington Region.  


Our Tenants

The home is important and we are committed to ensuring that your property is a healthy environment for you to live, work and play in.


Property Managers who specialise in the entire Wellington region

Whether your property is your home or your investment, we understand that it’s a valued and important asset. When it comes to managing and looking after your properties, it can be difficult finding the time dedicated for it. This is where Quinovic Lambton Quay comes in. As one of the region’s most respected companies, we can ensure that your asset returns revenue, but, retains its condition.

Our property managers are available to help investors and home owners throughout the entire Wellington region- from Rongotai to Johnsonville, whether it's Lower Hutt or Porirua – and everywhere in between.

Our specialty services include management of your rental property to ensure the right tenants are selected, as well as casual letting services to help you get started.


We offer FREE Appraisals and Consultations



Easy, carefree property management for your investment

We stand out from other property management companies as we care about each one of our clients. From the tenants that we choose, to the investors we help to run their portfolio, when you choose Quinovic Lambton Quay, you put your hands in a trustworthy and passionate team.

Perhaps you're looking to purchase an investment property and you would like advice on whether it would be suitable and what the likely yield would be. Alternatively, you may be thinking about investing and property and would like some tips on effective management. Get in touch now for a free appraisal and consultation and become a well-informed investor. 




Property Investment BLOG


Is Self Management REALLY worth it?

A common issue faced by many property owners is the decision they make when their portfolio begins to expand. Do we sell, or do we consult a property manager to care for the properties?

The Legal Changes that CONCERN YOU

As we’ve all heard; the latest legislative changes are bound to hit hard. The RTA is essentially being rewritten before our very eyes and the results will speak for themselves.

The Tenancy Law is Under Construction

Many may be sceptical with the latest changes being implemented to tenancy law. Why? Well, we could seeing a boost in tenants’ rights. This week we're getting right into it!


So, you’re purchasing a property, you’ve examined every possible avenue of the home – you’ve checked and rechecked the history of the property.




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